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Welcome to Dreamflex Digital

At Dreamflex Digital, we succeed because we are different. Our team are expert data-driven marketers, great storytellers and natural entrepreneurs, making us an effective force on the digital agency scene. In our first year of business, we have already hit several significant milestones, including winning the business of national clients with offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and international companies who choose us over a local option.

🤨Other agencies do this digital thing wrong

It is a big statement, and if it weren’t true, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to enter the market.

Many agencies, seem to not understand how businesses work. They get distracted with metrics you can’t grow a business on, like clicks, impressions and traffic. Then they sell off the shelf packages without understanding your business. This is crazy, as no two businesses are the same nor their problems identical, there is almost no chance this will help you.

🥳Dreamflex exists drive business growth

Our focus is on the business problem we are working to solve together and our strategy recommendations are always informed by what matters to you, a healthy return on investment. Let’s discover how you can turn $1 into $7 or better. Over and over again.

If website traffic is the problem, we build more traffic. If the quality of your traffic is an issue, we focus on segmentation. If the conversion rate is the issue, we put optimisation energy here. Not keeping your database engaged we will likely work on direct targeting like email marketing. If the product isn’t competitive, we help you evolve your product.

Yes, this is a lot of work. The good news is that most businesses won’t put in the work if you are the exception you can build profitable, scalable funnels. We are growth marketers.

Here is the process we use, which has lead to repeated success.
We audit these four things to ensure the recommendations we make are tailored to the client. Helps ensure our work is relevant and can be delivered in a timely manner.

We build sales cross channel funnels in three parts
Our approach to your marketing is to overtime to build out a three-part machine targeting customers throughout the purchase cycle. From problem identification all the way through to handing over to you their hard-earned cash. Like Rome, this isn’t built overnight so we get started with work that should begin increasing your revenue ASAP. Generally, this means when we start working with a new business, we work right to left.

Prospecting looking for future customers


This is where 50% of your customers are. We need to identify from the crowd who they are based on your data. Its too early in the funnel to ask for a sale, we need to earn their trust. They may not yet have identified they have a problem which you can solve. Our messaging needs to be seen and respectful, if we enage them early their easier to convert later.

Nurture prospects so they are ready to consider your product


Your ads need to be testing how interested your prospect is with custom messaging for each channel we are running ads. We want to tell a story with ads moving the prospect into a lead. With a variety of messages that included practicle call to actions and secret ads purely about building your brand recall. Not the goal we will get sales here.

Time to convert that perfect customer


Its money time, you should be asking for a sale. As we have built trust, proven your value, primed your brand this is an easy process. Ads should offer a variety of call to actions which should be focused on buying. Retargeting ads should be frequent and visible. If possible to ensure an easy sale we recommend direct contact.

Our niches

We are leading the way in digital marketing in; Technology, Travel, Pets, Gaming, Fitness, Trades, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality and eCommerce. Keeping our fingers on the pulse and doing all we can to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our team dont only work in these fields; they’re passionate about these industries.

If you want to acquire your business more customers, we want to know how we can help you.

Let’s organise a face-to-face.


Here is what we do.

Full-Stack Digital Marketing

Most of your potential customers are not ready to buy; they need to be educated on why a product or service is the best solution for them and then convinced that of all the options out their yours is the best. When done right, a full-funnel digital marketing strategy can be an ever scaling funnel of new leads. This will involve many different types of display ads, well-written content, CRM data and ads across several channels. Being digital, we can measure and know the best marketing mix. Its a lot of work and takes a broad skill set, Dreamflex can organise the whole thing.

Search marketing SEO and SEM

If you want to get your website in front of customers ready to purchase, you need to be found on search engines like Google. To achieve this, cost-effectively, you need a robust SEO and SEM strategy. Our team knows all the tricks, best practices and have the necessary toolkit to help you win more business at a better ROI. Most search professionals get it wrong. They focus on rankings instead of revenue. We put the focus on search marketing that results in long term growth.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation is the practice of getting a higher percentage of your web traffic to take a conversion action like becoming a lead or making a purchasing. What use is spending money on getting high-quality traffic to your site if it is not going to turn into a customer? Most websites have a conversion rate of less than 5% wouldn’t it be great if you could double that number. Through experimentation and best practices, we get CRO results.

Cross-channel Marketing Automation

Truly unlock the power of your data to deliver tailored messaging for your customers triggered by how they are interacting with your brand and where they are in your sales funnel. All your customers are not on the same digital channels, nor are they shopping to solve the same problem. If you are on our site right now, there is a high probability our cross channel strategy is why. We are targeting your issues and speaking about how we can help you solve them in the way you prefer. This allows us to prove our value to more customers with work that scales. This doesn’t need to be a pipe dream for your business, and we could implement something similar for you.

Word from Ben
Digital Marketing Director

Thanks for taking the time to check our website. I am personally pumped that you are reading this right now. Hopefully, we have got you excited and imagining what we could achieve together. We dont make excuses and have a history of delivering ROI results. My team are data-driven creatives always ready for a new challenge. If you provide a product or service that is in demand, your business should have a better than a good chance of being successful.

Unlike other agencies around we dont make excuses and have a history of delivering ROI results.

Our marketing team couples the power of great storytelling and data to give excellent companies the edge they need to beat their competition.
We can help those who are prepared to listen, learn and ready to work hard with us.
If this sounds like you, then we are your best choice in a digital marketing agency.

If you’re considering a change in Digital.
We Guarantee results or we work for free.🥳

If after 90 days we have not managed to achieve the goals we agreed on together, you will not get an invoice from us until we do.

What our Customers say

    review rating 5  The team at dreamflex look after all my marketing and digital. We wont be going anywhere anytime soon. One of our better suppliers.

    thumb Bobby Hale

    review rating 5  Dreamflex works well for us. I like the effort they take each month to go through the work and ensure we understand. As a business owner, I like their approach that all activity should have an ROI, even Facebook.

    thumb Mitchell Poulain

    review rating 5  Ben has been looking after our SEM for some time now and we are very happy with the work that Ben and his team are doing.

    thumb Dogtainers A
  • review rating 5  Ben has been looking after our SEM for some time now and we are very happy with the work that Ben and his team are doing.

    thumb Dogtainers A
  • review rating 5  Great company to work for and incredibly switched on when it comes to digital marketing. Well worth your time.

    thumb James Tolson
  • review rating 5  Ben is a trusted, passionate, experienced digital advertising professional who is able to provide timely, reliable, interpretation of data, and trends to form competitive strategies and hands on execution of ads to increase site leads and improve ranking. He has also been very helpful in attending and contributing to high stakes partnership meetings. I would happily recommend him.

    thumb Deb Morrison