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Social Media and Business Today

Social media is a significant factor in business today. Facebook is a central platform when engaging in social media advertising to gain reach and conversions for your brand. It is essential to leverage your Facebook ads to have the right consumers at the right time, viewing your businesses posts. Consistent optimisation of your ad campaign in line with changing market trends will effectively reach consumers. Know where your customer comes from, what they engage with the most, and what triggered their purchase.

A common question asked is, do Facebook ads work?

It is vital to understand the difference between paid search, which helps your target market find your business and paid social campaigns that help your business find potential customers. Facebook ads encompass a combination of reaching customers and potential prospects while helping your business, specifically target users, likely to have an interest in your offered products and/or services. When starting off, you need to understand your consumer’s needs, to deliver more value instead of a sales pitch. This produces a higher growth and engagement rate; to promote your page within your consumers reach to gain more sales for your business.

Social Media Performance Packages

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Essential Health Package

$750 per month

  • Website less than 20 pages
  • Automated Media Avertising program
  • Set up tracking (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager)
  • Detect the direction your business is going in
  • Build a google Ads account and setting up call ads
  • No customisation
  • The first month used for onboarding
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Bronze Package

$1000 per month

  • Essential Health Package + small amount of customisation each month
  • Goal tracking tabs
  • Developer work
  • Design work
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Facebook Ads  plan for local businesses seeking to scale

Silver Package

Price on request
From $1500 per month

  • A completely customisable Media Advertising program
  • Developer and Design Hours
  • Price depends on the number of pages, hours, technical, creative and business needs

The gold standard of Facebook Ads program

Gold Package

Price on request
From $4500 per month

  • A completely customisable SEO program
  • Developer and Design Hours
  • Price depends on the number of website pages, hours, technical, creative and business needs

Facebook Ads can help your business

How to utilise Facebook ads to benefit your advertisement goal

How to utilise Facebook ads to benefit your advertisement goal:

Before launching a Facebook ad, it is critical to have a clear goal in mind for what your ad campaign is meant to achieve. This can vary from driving site traffic, user interaction, increasing sales or expanding reach. In the design process of your campaign, consider micro and macro conversions with where your customer is within the sales cycle. Effectively incorporate data into the ads and formatting as both elements are influential in the results. Other factors include what your business offers, the industry, target niche and campaign goals.

A tip is to start with one ad and map the success or play around with a few different goals to rank which campaign produces the highest return.

Understand who you want to reach

The audience segmentation sector on Facebook allows you to define your ideal customer to target users who fit into those categories. Facebook compounds data from their users’ activities on the platform and will then connect users who present appropriate behaviours linking with your identified customer.

What are the different Facebook ads options?

Facebook offers a range of Facebook ad approaches for businesses. Three overarching ad types are awareness, consideration and conversion.

Awareness Ads
These ads help your brand to be discovered by gaining an audience base level and awareness. It is essential for your ad to be creative and leave a lasting impression. Investing in high-quality imagery, short videos, infographics and photos that stand out are the types of awareness ads that meet this objective.

Consideration Ads
The aim is to get consumers thinking of your brand and interested in finding out more information. This ad is perfect for online content and presents your top post to target the top-middle sales cycle of research and discovery, leading to purchases.

Conversion Ads
This encourages action from consumers to purchase your product or service by driving action to visit your business website, direct contact, product check-out or foot traffic to your store.

Ads you can utilise on Facebook:

  1. Page Likes
    This type of ad boosts organic reach intending to spread awareness of your brand and offers. By a simple like prompt Facebook encourages your target market to sign on for updates from your page. This is a high engagement micro conversion and allows for relevant content to be presented to your audience.

  2. Engagement Ads
    This ad helps to target existing users to engage with your business platforms. By showcasing new products, current offers or features, it motions your app or website to be revisited. This is suited for maintaining a connected community.

  3. Post Promotion
    A way to boost engagement and reach on Facebook is post promotion. This ad targets more customers within your audience segment to interact with your page and gain more likes.

  4. Acquisition Ads
    Focus is on targeting new users and customers to engage in your business. This type of ads primary goal could be to direct the installation of your app, a lead generation or a product, service promotion.

  5. Brand Awareness
    These campaigns gain brand exposure and highlight why a customer should interact with what you are doing. This is an optimal way to attain more conversions. It is paramount to establish yourself as an industry authority with striking content that sets you aside.

  6. Localised Ads
    This is a location-specific ad with goals set to geographic customer zones. Customised offers with high suitability are a vital aspect of personalised marketing to encourage more store visits or purchases in a particular area.

  7. Website Conversions
    These conversions are highly targeted and specific. Typically, leading consumers to visit a call to action page. To generate results, try different pages that present topical business information such as detailed learn more excerpts, free trial or newsletter sign-ups.

  8. Website Clicks
    If you are a new business, click campaigns are the ideal starter to drive traffic to your website. This can be for more visits to your blog or pages and will allow the customer to explore what you offer without pushing a conversion. For complex businesses that have different offers, carousel ads will send traffic via different links and canvas ads will share your brand’s story to entice customers to visit your website.

  9. Event Promotions
    These ads encourage your target audience to get involved and participate in starting a conversation without the intention of a direct sale. This type of interactive content performs highly on Facebook. It is best practice to maintain a clear target and keep your audience segments separate when promoting as one event will not be applicable for all.

  10. Offer Promotions
    Common to see brands are running promotional offers or discounts appealing to their target market. When offering free items, upgrades or discount coupons, these ads will enable your brand to cut through the large volume of content on user’s feeds.

  11. Lead Generation Ads
    This ad typically drives users to fill out contact details or information through digital ads without leaving Facebook. This allows for information to be collected without drop off from consumers opening a new page. To maximise the results, choose the goal of your campaign.

 Facebook Advertising relies on knowing your objective and choosing an accurate format to display your brand

What is a Facebook Ad Format?

The previously mentioned ad types all have differing objectives. Specific ad formats compliment your business goal with not all sizes available for each target.

Current Facebook ad formats include:

  1. Video: brand awareness, consideration campaigns
  2. Image: a call to action, an attached link
  3. Slideshow: to tell your brand’s story
  4. Carousel: encompassing different links and destinations
  5. Canvas: brand awareness and traffic
  6. Dynamic product: sales orientated
  7. Lead form: prompt a pop-up form with fields of information
    Desktop News Feed
  1. Conversions
  2. High Engagement

  3. Desktop Right Column
  4. Re-engagement of users

  5. Mobile
  6. Drive discovery
  7. Brand exposure

Understand your budget and how best you can launch your Facebook ad

The Pricing of Facebook Ads

It depends on your measure with the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads approximately $0.27 and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) roughly $7.19. There are necessary costs defined by ‘overall spending amount’, a feature controlled through your ‘budget’. The price of each result is accessible using ‘bid strategy’. Before launching a Facebook ad, limits can be put into place using the ‘campaign spending limit’ enabling a set maximum amount for a single advertising campaign. However, if multiple campaigns are being run, it is recommended to have an overarching account spending limit.

Factors that impact the cost of Facebook ads:

Ad objective

Different objectives impact KPI’s and the audience being shown your Facebook advertisement.

Bidding type and Amount

The auction and your bid for an advertising spot are based on ad value. Three elements determine the cost of your ad being the advertiser monetary bid, ad quality/relevance and estimated action rates. When setting your bid amount, you have a choice between automatic and manual. Facebook automatic bids give you the most actions for the best price. Whereas, manual bids work that the higher you bid, the more access to your specific consumers rather than a large mass of people.Similar ads are compared to determine which is the best ad to show to a person at the time. The estimated action rate is whether or not a person will engage in a particular ad to match the advertisers sought after outcome.


A specific audience segment will lower the cost of your Facebook ad. Facebook subsidises relevant ads meaning the more applicable your ad is to a person, the less it will cost even if higher bidders are in the same auction as your brand.

Ad quality

A quality advertisement taps into a user’s interest in evokes emotion and creates action. The relevancy attributed to your target audience matters as Facebook scores your ad on a scale of 1 means people are expected to ‘hide, report’ your ad and 10 viewings, conversions. As users provide feedback or interact with an ad, this updates the score.


Each industry will have a differing CPC and CPM price rate. For example, Salesforce Advertising Index (2015) presents data that Professional Services CPC is $1.01, and CPM is $13.35. In contrast, Food and Beverage CPC is $0.19, and CPM is $3.99.

Social Media Advertising is a customisable proccess which can give you the right person, at the right time.

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Why does my business need Facebook Advertising?

If you are looking to expand your brand, regain customer engagement and produce sales, Facebook advertising could be an option for you! Wanting to have a chat and determine the best strategy for your business? Get in contact with us today to learn more about social media advertising.

What Social Media Advertising Services Do We Offer?

We offer our expertise in the areas where you need it most. Below are our different packages on offer that will assist in optimising your business, depending on your business size and goals.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is an essential visual platform to reach your target audience through imagery, slideshows and videos. Campaigns run on the app, bring about brand exposure from sponsored content to generate website traffic and leads towards attaining conversions. Facebook and Instagram use the same Ad manager enabling an easy setup to operate media ads on both platforms. The platforms share similarities in their advertising approach with demographic targeting customisation available on Instagram; to reach the right users who fit into specific categories of location, age, gender, interests and online behaviours.

Cost of Instagram Advertising

Various factors influence the price of Instagram ads. Control of budgets are offered with choice of a daily budget limit or a lifetime budget with ads running for a length of time until the specified budget is depleted. The ‘Ad Schedule’ feature allows for certain time frames for the ad to run with three ad delivery methods including link clicks, impressions or daily unique reach.

Instagram Ad Formats

Instagram has six ad formats available; two of which are for Instagram stories and four designed for Instagram feed ads.

Formats include:

  1. Image Feed Ads
  2. Image Story Ads
  3. Video Feed Ads
  4. Carousel Story Ads
  5. Canvas Story Ads

Best Practice for Instagram Ads

  1. Content Personality to entertain and draw on emotion
  2. Context applicability
  3. Use of Hashtags for post engagement
  4. Contest or Giveaway Promotion for audience excitement and involvement
  5. Optimal scheduling to reach your target audience at the right time